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CoinTracker, a leading provider of crypto tax and portfolio tracking tools, has raised $100 million in funding in early 2021 and partnered with leading firms like Y Combinator, Kraken Ventures, and Intuit. The company tracks over $50 billion in assets and has over a million users, with a web app and iOS and Android app available. As the first product designer at CoinTracker, I played a key role in improving the user experience and driving growth for the company.


The company emerged when the stage of cryptocurrency adoption was relatively low. The product already had web and mobile applications, but they lacked a common design language and couldn’t handle some features like DeFi, NFTs or liquidity pool transactions. My challenge was to improve the whole product experience so that CoinTracker becomes a leader in portfolio tracking & tax reporting.

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My role

I initially began by conducting design workshops to identify areas for improvement and set the direction for the product's design. These efforts paid off in the form of increased user retention and growth for the company. In addition to my work on the core product, I have also supported the Growth pod with various experiments that leverage user experience and help validate ideas. One example of this is the wallet balances page, which used to have a lot of traffic but we were able to convert into sign ups through design improvements.

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Design culture

I have also played a key role in building CoinTracker's Design System, creating web and mobile design guidelines and assets that can be used consistently across the platform. In addition, I have contributed to establishing a design culture and principles at CoinTracker, helping to foster a collaborative and user-centered approach to product design.

An image showing CoinTracker Design System

End result

I was working on the Integrations pod, CoinTracker's core that allowed users to connect and interact with blockchains, exchanges, and wallets in order to provide precise tax and portfolio data. Through my efforts, I further improved the user experience and expanded CoinTracker's capabilities. Thanks to my efforts and the support of the CoinTracker team, the company has continued to thrive and expand its reach.

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We solve the crypto portfolio tracking and tax problems better than anyone else. One of the keys to our success has been the focus on user experience and simplicity.
Chandan Lodha, Co-Founder at CoinTracker

Chandan Lodha

Co-Founder at CoinTracker

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