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Simplifying content creation and website planning

Project type

Web app


Agency, B2B


UX, UI, Web Design, Design System

User Interface for the Slickplan Web App


Awmous is an Ohio-based company that creates its own SaaS applications. I was responsible for redesigning their main product - a set of powerful website planning tools tailored to agencies and freelancers.


Slickplan had been in operation for over ten years, but the real challenge was to adjust the product to the current market needs, which have changed rapidly over the last few years. The competition has made it more challenging to stand out and be a pioneer in this industry. The tech constraints have changed dramatically too.

Diagram Maker of the Slickplan Web App

My role

I was responsible for redesigning the platform across all the core features: sitemap tool, diagram maker, website content planner and design mockups app. I was directly working with a UX Researcher and a Product Manager. In addition, I unified the style to match brand guidelines and to catch up with the latest design trends.

Content Planner of the Slickplan Web App
Quotation marks representing a client's testimonial
The continued support from the Slickplan community has always been a driving force behind our innovation. Slickplan 2.0 is a reflection of their feedback and our team’s drive to push website planning further.
Ian Lawson, the CEO and Founder of Slickplan

Ian Lawson

CEO and Founder at Slickplan

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