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Tykr is an all-in-one education and investing platform that empowers its users to make better investment decisions. They analyse stocks and ETFs using their own algorithm that considers metrics like return on invested capital, equity growth or net income and turns them into a summary and Tykr score. Based on that, the users can assess if an asset is either On Sale (potential buy), Watch, or Overpriced (potential sell) and its growth potential.


They approached me to redesign their web platform to empower users to accelerate their investment journeys. The biggest challenge of designing Tykr was, by far, making beginner investors understand all these bulky and heavy metrics to make decisions that will benefit their finances for a lifetime. The other challenge was making the users stick to the platform even during economic downturns. So we've added a few user-driven features like a personalised dashboard, watchlists or personalised e-mail newsletters on top of the "Why page" that allows the user to analyse various assets.

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My role

I was in charge of shaping the product's visual layer in line with the core business. I've collaborated directly with the founders as well as growth and marketing experts to achieve that. I took a gradual approach that involved improving the existing experience and transitioning to a new design language. We based our priorities on user feedback and research the founders conducted for over a year.

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After gradually implementing my designs and improving existing features, the churn rate dropped from 20% to 6%, and monthly recurring revenue has been increasing by 40% per month. On top of that, our product development process has become significantly more organised and efficient. As a result, we can now deliver more features to our customers in less time which is a massive value add! Furthermore, with my help, I designed an approachable, easy-to-understand, low-friction experience.

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We needed a design that was easy to understand for new investors and, at the same time, kept them coming back more frequently. The designs that Jakub provided knocked this out of the park! Our churn dropped, and MRR increased.
Sean Tepper, CEO at Tykr

Sean Tepper

CEO at Tykr

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